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As our custom software solution has grown to host over 15,000 projects and 1,500 monthly users, the technical documentation needed to evolve and expand as well. Outdated and unorganized information was making it difficult for new users to readily access relevant documentation or find important information. Our customer needed one central location for all documentation to help expedite onboarding new employees with current, relevant, and easy to access user guides.


We built a custom wiki solution that gave admin users the ability to create and maintain how-to's and feature documentation for the application, as well as utilizing the solution to develop onboarding procedures for new users. This solution would give new users instant, searchable access to information, tutorials, videos, and helpful tips for using complicated features within their application. In addition, user roles would empower certain users to create and modify documents that are used in their day-to-day work, ensuring that up-to-date information is always available.


New (and existing) users can now save time by accessing documentation and tutorials within the application at the point-of-use. The feature solution is a searchable, easy-to-maintain database of product documentation, process information, and general information about how to most effectively use the application. With permission-based editing tools, the management team can control who has access to add, edit, and updates documents. 

The management team has multiple ways to update wiki documents and keep users up-to-date on the latest feature updates and functionality. The tool provides:

  • Current and relevant background information, release notes, and detailed documentation.
  • One central location for a variety of product info that can be filtered.
  • Role-defined views for multiple audiences that can be configured by user group, enabling vendors the ability to create and maintain their own documentation of complicated features within the application without exposure to internal/confidential information.
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