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A client needed a convenient way to improve access to their vendor and project management resources during on-site visits to their store, and partner store, locations. The original custom software solution we delivered was initially requested to be designed for desktop as it manages incredibly dense blocks of data. We worked with our client to discover their needs, define the requirements, and create a solution that met their evolving need for access to key information while working on-the-go.


Our client needed an efficient real-time application that would save time on assignments, vendor communications, and task management for each vendor. In addition, this app needed to work on both Android and iOS systems. 

We developed a PWA (Progressive Web App) solution to provide a consistent UI across all devices and operating systems. Our mobile app provides project managers and vendors a reliable tool to manage tasks and site locations while in the field. With our PWA solution, we optimized the user experience by improving usability and task performance, while reducing the time to market and costs.


Users are now able to handle time-sensitive tasks while managing a project on-site from start to finish. With cross-functional enablement, managers can communicate tasks completed from the floor of a store and follow up with technicians for end-of-task verification, while technicians can use the app to notify managers that they have completed an action.

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